About Us


Fountain of Purity is a home grown Canadian organic skin care company. Our mission is to enhance the health and beauty world with skin care products made of only organic and natural ingredients which will help promote a pure and balanced lifestyle and well-being . We want to exude positivity in all that we do by promising to deliver extraordinary service and the healthiest ingredients for effective skin care products that minimize harmful toxins and substances in many commercial products out there today.

Many of our products contain Bioactive Compounds such as, Turmeric, which may be the most effective nutritional supplement in existence. By using ingredients, such as Turmeric, our products add a natural anti-inflammatory compound; this will help battle low-level inflammation, which plays a major role in almost every chronic, Western disease today. Our team decided to start this business because of our love for organic skin care and sudden realization that a lot of products we were purchasing from the store outlined a very long list of toxic ingredients, something that Fountain of Purity hopes to eliminate through its new and fresh showcase of products.

At Fountain of Purity, we are committed to protecting the future of our planet through the spread of positivity, green practices, and a natural lifestyle.